The client commissioned a custom King of Hearts card painting. Check out the step-by-step process photos and descriptions below. E-mail Denise at deniseweaverross@gmail.com if you have a custom card idea you would like to commission.

Denise’s client commissioned her to create a King of Hearts Card Painting for her husband’s birthday (this is the one she did in the House of Cards series based on her husband.

However, client loved the King of Oaks and in discussing what she wanted in the painting, Denise discovered that the couple had connections to the scots-celtic traditions.

She sent Denise a couple photos of her husband and this one was chosen for the overall pose.

Denise choose this French King of Hearts court card because she thought the position of the head and the hands would work well with the husband’s image from the photograph.

Denise used this hat from a painting of James I of Scotland instead of a traditional crown.

The stylized leaves from the royal oak were overlaid with more realistic ones.

Denise used the royal oak from a one pound British coin to add texture and also duplicated and reversed it to make a 360-degree world-tree shape. 

The husband’s clan tartan was included in the red areas of the image.

The client was sent in-process photos.

The client was sent in-process photos.

The final painting.

The client picked out this beautiful frame and mat!