Jordan’s Little Brother

Fearless Peter

Shy Roberto

Outgoing Latisha

Anna’s Family’s Couch

Lucas Buys a Video Game

Disappointed Gabriel

Smart Malika

Sofia unbuttoned her coat

Darrell unpacks his suitcase

Gabriela unwrapped her presents

Stephen unrolled his poster

Zachary unleashes his dog

Angela unloads the groceries

Christopher unzips his jacket

Barbara unlocks the front door

Jason unplugs the lamp

Serena unties her shoes

Adrian tried to make the laundry room inescapable

Leah watched her brother unlocking the door

Unbreakable plastic bottles are used at the pool

Santiago got a ticket for driving illegally

Naomi is very independent

Wendy is impatient for her birthday to begin

Liliana forgot she had unplugged her laptop

Jonah’s vacation was unforgettable

Marissa’s father’s accident was unavoidable

Steven’s father built a playhouse inexpensively

They unrecognizable after gardening

Liam unpacked his jeep