Featured at the Mother’s Day pop-up show: Eight of Infinite Love, Mixed media on paper, 26x40 inches

About Eight of Infinite Love

The horizontal eight looks like the infinity sign and was the starting idea for this painting. The background layer contains an image of a tumbler who forms a continuous circle with his body and is the father of the family in the painting. The painting was inspired by the Geb and Nut scenes that are common on ancient Egyptian coffins. In this painting the mother, in the form of the Goddess Nut, is protecting her family as she forms an arc over them. The two figures of Isis, the goddess of mother and children, are in the corners and represent the Grandmothers keeping a watchful eye on the family. The sons are riding through life on crocodiles since life is a thrilling and dangerous adventure. The traditional Geb figure has been changed into the younger son who is holding onto the tail of the crocodile while anchoring his older brother who has his head and hands reaching up to the sky. Meanwhile, the tumbling father has his watchful eye on the head of the snake slithering in from the right of the painting and the sky mother is poised to grab the snake’s tail. Eight swords point from the edge of the painting into the center where they meet and revolve creating the spokes of the great wheel of life.