FLORIDA: The Stand Your Ground State


Mixed media on paper
40 x 26 inches

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Trayvon Martin was murdered in Sanford, Florida, where his killer got off because of the state’s Stand Your Ground statute, which much like laws covering police actions acquits people based on “perceived threat.” Perceived threats are by their very nature subject to an individual’s intrinsic (conscious and subconscious) biases. When researching this postcard, it was interesting to find out that Sanford, Florida, had also had a history of Klan marches including one that protested Jackie Robinson. In the midst of researching, the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School took place and I was impressed by the students who organized and stood up against the gun lobby and included violence against all young people in their efforts. As a result, I included Trayvon as one an honorary MSD student on the postcard.