UTAH: The Beehive vs. Bears Ears


Mixed media on paper
26 x 40 inches

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The Beehive is Utah’s official state emblem and symbolizes the hard working industry of its people. I also am using it as symbol of the swarm of tourists that almost overrun Utah’s many national parks and monuments. In 2016, President Barack Obama created the Bears Ears National Monument, named for a pair of tall buttes that resemble the top of a bear’s head peeking over a ridge. It is first national monument ever created at the request of a coalition of Indigenous tribes. Eleven months later, in early December of 2017, President Trump reduced Bears Ears by 85 percent, an action that Utah officials (the beehive) and some local residents wanted. Now Deb Haaland, the first native American to head the Interior Department, is supporting the reinstatement of the original monument as revealed in two filings with the federal judge hearing the lawsuits that tribes and other groups filed to invalidate Trump’s order and to restore the size of the Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears national monuments.