Spring 2021 Restart

After a long winter, spring is approaching with a sense of hope with Ghostwolf Gallery reopening in a new location and my artwork being exhibited in two group shows—one at Tortuga Gallery and the other at Gallery with a Cause at the New Mexico Cancer Center.

In Memorium

But first I want tot take a moment to remember a friend, artist, poet and former housemate who passed away in December. In memory of our beautiful friend, a group of us have collaborated on a book highlighting a collection of her art, poetry, and photography.

You can preorder Julie Brokken’s book and save shipping costs at https://www.julesnyquist.com/catalog/item/1420675/10450849.htm.

Profits/royalties will be donated to https://friendsofvalledeoro.org.

Ghostwolf Reopens

Come find us at our new location inside Patio Market on the east side of the plaza or enter from the parking lots near the Albuquerque Museum
206-1/2, San Felipe St NW STE 3, Albuquerque, NM 87104 

Owners, Amy and Stef, have been working overtime for the past several months to transform the new space into a gorgeous gallery. Come check it out. I will once again be gallery sitting on Sundays, starting on March 7th.

We will also be celebrating Women’s History Month. I will be exhibiting the following works on paper focusing on feminine archetypes.

Five Stars of the Night Queen
Mixed media on pape
47 x 33  inches framed

The High Priestess
Mixed media on paper
47 x 33 inches framed

The Wild Woman
Mixed media on paper
43 x 33 inches framed

Archeology of the Unicorn
Mixed media on paper
47 x 33  inches framed

Tortuga Gallery’s Spring Show

Over 50 artists will have their work on display to celebrate, life, fun and playfulness in Tortuga’s first show of 2021.

Gallery With A Cause at the New Mexico Cancer Center

Click my link to VOTE for the People’s Choice!


Spring 2021 Exhibition – The Art of Quarantine

I’m showing nine 30×30-inch hexagrams from the continuing I Ching series as well as ten metal prints of the Postcards To America series.

This exhibition, curated by Regina Held, showcases how creativity can help artists cope with the pandemic and social isolation. Some have produced large amounts of work in their regular styles, while others experimented with new media and subject matter. This 400 piece show features a wide variety of styles including ceramics, quilts, weaving, mixed media, painting, printmaking and photography.

The New Mexico Center Foundation raises funds to alleviate non-medical needs for cancer patients.

40% of each art sale goes to the Foundation and is tax-deductible.

Participating Artists:

Brandon Allebach, Monique Belitz, Kevin Black, Donna Loraine Contractor, Patricia Cream, Constance Falk, Carla Forrest, Tricia George, Jen Jaciw, Lesley Long, Jim Naugle, Carol Ordogne, Judith Roderick, Cristina Sanchez, Rick Snow, David D. Sorensen, Risa Taylor, Harriette Tsosie, Denise Weaver Ross, P.K. Williams and collaborative pieces by Rebecca Nolda and P.K. Williams

Show runs through May 20, 2021.

Gallery hours by appointment only.
Please contact gallery director Regina Held, 505-803-3345, regina@artfullivingstyle.com for arrangements to view work.
All pieces can be seen online at GalleryWithACause.org.

Stay healthy, stay safe!