May 2020: Zoom Zoom Zoom

Like everyone else my life has become Zoom-centric. I watch my favorite comic relief on Zoom, listen or read to poetry on Zoom, and consulting and teaching using Zoom. I just want to zoom ahead to future normal. Here are a few of the non-zoom projects I’m working on.

Soft Release of The House of Cards: The Whole Deck

Jules Poetry Playhouse and I were planning at art show and public reading and ekphrastic poetry event at Tortuga Gallery in June, but have tentatively rescheduled it for September. Due to future-uncertain, I went ahead and released the book. You can order your copy of all the book that contains all the images and related poetry from the House of Cards series by clicking on the button below. I hope you enjoy having the whole deck in one volume. It’s also great companion to the collector’s card deck.

Postcards to America

Continuing to move forward with this series. Check out the currently available paintings below or on my website HERE.

I Ching Hexagrams

I continue making small custom hexagrams for people to receive in the mail as well as working on making new versions of hexagrams that I’m not completely satisfied with for a collector’s deck and a book, Haiku for 64 Hexagrams. The release date has not yet been determined.  Here is the most recent version of Hexagram 32: Hêng (Constancy), which I will use for both the deck and the book. Click HERE for more.

Ghostwolf Gallery

The gallery is closed due to the pandemic.
Please click on the buttons below and check out what is available online.

Wishing the best of health to all!